Picture of fishing lake

Fishing Rules

Keep an eye out for the fish!!

Firstly we hope you’ll agree most of these simple and sensible rules are to protect the welfare and health of the fish. We are sure you will have a wonderful holiday and want to keep our fish, lake and surrounds in pristine condition for everybody’s enjoyment and we thank you for leaving only footprints on the grass! So….

NO swimming.
NO open fires or BBQ’s anywhere around the lake.
NO litter at all. Everything, including bottles/tops, cigarette ends in the designated bins please – NOT in the lake or bushes!
NO children under 16 allowed around the lake perimeter unless supervised by an adult.
RESPECT and do not disturb other anglers or damage any of the abundant natural wildlife and vegetation around the lake.

  1. Maximum of two rods per angler. Rods should NEVER be left unattended, and alarms must be set LOW. NO remote ‘walkie-talkie’ distance devices allowed on alarms.
  2. Barbless or micro-barb hooks ONLY. No bent hooks of ANY kind.
  3. NO braid line or fixed leads or lead core of ANY sort.
  4. Semi-fixed leads ONLY - with lead release clips cut back to allow lead to release free if snagged.
  5. NO death or fixed rigs and NO spinning. Rig tubing at least 700mm/28ins on all lines to prevent scale lesions and fin damage.
  6. Minimum 12lb breaking strain line for carp.
  7. NO keepnets at all and NO sacking of fish allowed.
  8. Removal or introduction of fish strictly prohibited.
  9. Fishing is from the designated swims only.
  10. Bait boats permitted but not really necessary, although usefully accurate under willows.
  11. No dog/cat food supplements or nuts allowed and no particle bait/carp pellets unless approved/supplied by us. Sweetcorn, spam and bread are permitted.
  12. Only decent quality baits allowed. We reserve the right to halt your use of inferior quality boilies.
  13. A minimum size knotless landing net of 42 inches MUST be used for carp.
  14. Suitably large and properly padded unhooking mats/slings to be used at ALL times. If hot, dip mat to cool it and keep fish wet.
  15. Do NOT weigh carp in landing nets. Carp must be moved in mats/slings only.
  16. You are welcome to take photographs but do NOT stand-up holding carp and return fish to water ASAP. Apply 'Klinic' or other antiseptic to any small cuts/lesions on carp please.
  17. The party leader is the person who made the holiday booking and is fully responsible for their group. If we discover any breaking or bending of these reasonable fishing rules it will mean – without exception -  instant termination of the whole group’s booking and also total loss of the Security Deposit.
  18. The owners reserve the right to amend or change these rules at any time.