Picture of fishing lake

The Lake - Just footsteps away from your door


Jason Aldred landed a new, verified
lake record of 43lbs 4ozs in August 2014.

The scenic Moulin lake is two acres in size, and set in 15 acres of tranquil meadows and woodland.

Fed by both a nearby stream and natural springs beneath the lake, it never dries out during hot summers and has level, easy walking access around the entire perimeter which is lined by a wide variety of mature trees and wild flowers, while abundant wildlife including kingfishers, woodpeckers and red squirrels add to the delightful fishing environment.

There are six swims, with four on the nearest bank. Three overlook the deeper area of the lake – around 4 feet – and the fourth is in the shadow of a large willow near the feature island in the centre. The two remaining swims are on the opposite side of the lake which then tapers to around two or three feet deep at the shallower silty-bottomed top end.

Carp or Coarse/Float fishing for four to six anglers is comfortable if everyone is respectful. There is no need to long distance cast as the lake is well-stocked with proper wild Carp (mirror & common from 15-40lbs), plus decent-sized Roach and Tench.

Perfect 27lbs

Wayne Penfold banked our elusive Moulin
grass carp in June 2014 – now 25lbs, it was
only its second appearance in 8 years!

Indeed, this is really quite a special lake as, until fairly recently, it had not been fished for around 10 years, has no problem fish, and several of the perfectly marked carp and tench in particular are completely home-grown – and a good challenge as they are wary too! The lake record is a 43lbs 4oz mirror landed in August 2014.

The natural stock has been carefully supplemented each year by adding a balanced selection of beautiful mirrors, commons and large tench. Our only sentimental oddity is 'Nelson' a large mirror with a damaged top-fin which we rescued and set free from a destined fate on a French dinner plate!

At the Moulin lake we care passionately about our fish and their environment, which is why there is no fishing during the December-February winter rest period. Night fishing is possible on request with adequate cap/hat-lighting.

In summer of course there is plenty of daylight fishing time from early morning until late evening, and due to the close proximity of the cottages, a relaxing barbecue or evening meal is just moments away. Fishing right on your doorstep has rarely been so appealing!


Regular Ross Moughton from Devon broke his PB
with this 30-plus mirror and totalled
250lbs plus banked in 2015.

This is a beautiful fishing venue and all we ask is you read and follow the Fishing Rules which are there to protect the pristine healthy environment, the fish and the lake and ensure it all remains that way for others in the future.

Perfect 27lbs