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Holiday Insurance

Never an exciting subject, Holiday Insurance is an annoying little extra many people in the past often ignored and came away carp fishing in France without any. For UK customers it is now even more important to review cover for health, driving, cancellation etc depending on guidance regarding Brexit issues and changes (from Jan 2021) and any ongoing Covid concerns.

True, most never have a problem, but during our years here we have seen guests who have, for one serious reason or another, such as a family bereavement or ill-health had to completely cancel their holiday.

Others have suffered an unpredictable accident, illness or other loss whilst in France and wished they had been covered.

To give one recent example, with no EHIC card you must pay in full for emergency hospital treatment for a dog bite injury, but with holiday insurance, you are still covered and payment is refundable.

Holiday Insurance is not expensive, gives peace of mind and we really recommend you do this, including full cancellation cover, at the same time you book your carp fishing holiday and pay your non-refundable deposit, so you are completely protected.

European Breakdown Cover for your car is another important piece of insurance. A motorway breakdown in France halfway here doesn’t bear thinking about with towing, garage repairs and replacement hire car charges.

A long, sorry, expensive saga, but one family here had no such cover and the carp fishing husband even had to return to France from Devon, a week after their holiday ended, to collect and pay for his repaired car!

We strongly suggest you don’t ignore holiday insurance – it’s not worth the risk.

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