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  1. PRICES: The Euro prices shown on the price list are guaranteed from the date we receive your completed Booking Form and Deposit.
  2. RESERVATION: Your holiday is reserved when your completed Booking Form and Deposit is received by us. A confirmation will be sent to you showing the dates reserved, deposit paid and details of when and how to pay the balance.
  3. RESPONSIBILITY: The person signing the booking form is assumed to have full authority for all the other people named on the form, and to have accepted all these terms & conditions on their behalf.
  4. DEPOSIT: A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the full holiday cost must be paid within 10 days of sending your online Booking Form reservation. Note: The total cost of the holiday, plus Security Deposit, must be paid in full if booking less than eight weeks prior to the holiday start date.
  5. SECURITY DEPOSIT: A Security Deposit of £100 (or 100 euros) is required for each holiday booked in case of damage to the property, its contents or any hired fishing equipment. However, the sum reserved by this clause does not limit your liability to us and you are entirely responsible for the full replacement cost. We will account to you for the security deposit and send a refund of the sum due within one week of completion of your holiday. The Security Deposit is payable with your final balance payment at least six weeks prior to the holiday start date.
  6. PAYMENT OF BALANCE: The balance of the holiday payment, including the Security Deposit, must be paid in full at least six weeks before the holiday start date. If after our reminder and instructions at this time, the balance due is not received six weeks before the holiday start date we reserve the right to cancel your booking and also charge as a cancellation fee the full outstanding balance due on the booking.
  7. RENTAL PERIOD: The rental period shall commence at 4pm on the first day and finish at 10am on the last day. We are not obliged to offer accommodation before the time stated and you are not entitled to remain in occupation after the time stated.
  8. CANCELLATION: If you cancel your holiday for any reason less than ten weeks prior to the proposed start date, you can be liable for the full outstanding balance due for the holiday. We will always try to re-sell the week at the same price. If we have to discount the price, you will be liable for any difference, or, if the week remains unsold, the full amount. All outstanding balance payments are due six weeks before your proposed holiday start date. If during the limited possible re-sale time frame of this six week period you have paid in full but then cancel the holiday for any reason, no refund will be made. We strongly urge you have adequate holiday insurance to cover these unforeseen possibilities.
  9. SELF-CATERING: The person signing the booking form is responsible for ensuring the accommodation is left in a reasonably clean and tidy condition at the end of your stay. We reserve the right in extreme circumstances to make an exceptional charge of 50 euros – deducted from your Security Deposit - for extra cleaning time if this reasonable request is abused.
  10. DAMAGE: All breakages, damage or loss of items whatsoever, either inside or outside the accommodation at Moulin de Boutineau are the full responsibility of the person signing the Booking Form and will be deducted from the Security Deposit. You are liable for the full replacement cost and we would urge you report any such accidents at the time they occur to save embarrassment later.
  11. INSURANCE: You are strongly advised to ensure all persons have adequate holiday travel insurance cover that includes cancellation, medical costs, personal items and public liability etc, since these are not covered by us.
  12. PASSPORTS: It is your responsibility to ensure all group members hold valid passports for travel in the EU.
  13. THE LAW: Important: Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions on the booking form constitutes a contract accepted by both parties subject to European Law.
  14. FORCE MAJEURE: We are not liable for any loss you may suffer from delay or cancellations of your holiday due to any of the following: fire, storm, flood, port closures, weather extremes, acts of God, riots or political unrest, industrial disputes, terrorism, war, epidemics or any other circumstances beyond our control.
  15. LIABILITIES: We will not be liable to you for 1) Any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the property, nor in respect to any equipment or appliance on the property. 2) Any loss, damage or injury which is the result of adverse weather conditions, riot, war, act of terrorism, strikes, epidemics or other matters beyond our control. 3) Any loss, damage or inconvenience caused or suffered by you if the property or lake is destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the rental period. In any such event, we will refund all sums previously paid in respect of the holiday period within 14 days of notification to you. 4) Under no circumstances shall our liability to you exceed the amount paid to us for your holiday.
  16. CARP FISHING RULES: All persons agree to abide by the reasonable Carp Fishing Rules for the Moulin Lake. We suggest you print further copies from our website for issue to each member of your group.
  17. PERSONAL RISK: Carp Fishing is carried out entirely at your own risk and the owners accept no responsibility for any accidents or personal injury that may occur on the property while fishing, using the swimming pool or other activities.
  18. TERMINATION: We reserve the right to terminate immediately the services we are contractually obliged to provide if we or the police consider your behaviour likely to cause unacceptable annoyance or harm to another person or damage to fish or property. The same applies if any of the Booking Terms & Conditions or Carp Fishing Rules have been broken.
  19. CHILDREN: All children fishing or walking by the lake under 16 years of age must be supervised by an adult. The same applies to all children under 16 who use the pool or spa. They must be supervised at all times by an adult that can swim. Use of the swimming pool is entirely at your own risk.
  20. OCCUPANCY: Only the people named on the Booking Form (or any changes advised to us before the start of your holiday), are allowed on the property.
  21. COMPLAINTS: You will report to us without delay any problems, defects or breakdowns in equipment or appliances on the property. Arrangements for repair or replacement will be made as soon as possible. Complaints made after your holiday is completed will not be considered.

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