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The best looking fish I’ve seen in 30 years

If you are looking for a holiday with great accommodation, picturesque surroundings, heated swimming pool and beautiful carp lake then look no more. This is as far away from pitch and fish as you could imagine. We stayed in the Fisherman’s cottage. Moulin de Boutineau offers a high standard of accommodation for couples, small groups and families. Set within stunning countryside and beautiful grounds this is truly a place to get away from it all. The location is just a stone’s throw from Loches, a beautiful old medieval town with great facilities and restaurants. The drive from Caen is only 3 hours or so. There is plenty for the family to do together, including the beautiful chateaux of the Loire Valley region. Then there is the Moulin Lake. If you want relaxed carp fishing in France with the opportunity to catch fish up to 40lb on a small private lake, then this is a must. The lake has only five swims with plenty of scope for everyone to catch. The lake is also extremely picturesque, tree lined and with a number of great weeping willows. The carp seem to move around quite a lot so wherever you are you will get a chance to catch. The stocking policy and care that has been taken to ensure the angler can enjoy the experience to the maximum is extremely well thought through. This is not your typical commercial carp water - over stocked with pressured fish. Rather this is a lake full of high quality carp, well cared for and offering a real challenge to the angler. What’s more, on the bank they are amongst some of the best looking fish I have seen in over 30 years of fishing. Beautiful colouring, perfect markings and no damage. It’s like being transported back in time to the days when carp fishing was magical, when every fish meant something. What you will find with the whole set-up here is the attention to detail and that includes the bait on offer. The majority of places I have visited which offer their own bait supply an over-priced, sub-standard bait. The quality of the Moulin Rouge boilies, cooked hemp and pellets is excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending you use it. My tally amounted to 20 fish including two over 30lbs. I enjoyed a tremendous week here and will definitely be back for more of Moulin de Boutineau’s magic.

David Cooper - Date of Stay: September 2009

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