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Bait and Tackle

Baits Available: 

To help make your carp fishing in France more enjoyable, a selection of in-house bait can be ordered, in advance, to suit your requirements and will be ready on your arrival.

This includes quality fresh frozen boilies, pop-ups, dips, mixed size or standard carp pellets and natural and flavoured sweetcorn as well as ready-cooked hemp plus ground and particle baits. 

Our own house special ‘Moulin Rouge’ top quality boilies are 18mm with all fresh ingredients, locally produced and developed for us by Loirbaits, and come in fresh frozen 2 kg bags in Moulin Fruit or Moulin Fish flavour (28 euros).

Please let us know your requirements and quantities in advance – we will speak with you anyway about this 6 weeks before your holiday - and wherever possible, baits will be available for you on arrival for a cash payment at our on-site bait-cabin - which also has a fridge if you need any convenient overnight bait storage during your stay.

What do carp fishing guests think of our bait? This is a short extract from an e-mail sent in by a West Midlands angler of many years experience delighted to discover us after we were recommended by a satisfied past guest on a ferry! 

“What you will find with the whole set-up at Moulin de Boutineau is an attention to detail and that includes the bait on offer. The majority of places I have visited which offer their own bait usually supply an over-priced, sub-standard bait. The quality of the Moulin Rouge boilies, cooked hemp and pellets is excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending you use it”.

“The quality of the Moulin Rouge boilies, cooked hemp and pellets is excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending you use it”

Tackle Hire:

Bulky gear can take up a lot of room in the car, which is why we also have a range of tackle and equipment for hire.

This includes carp rods, rod pods & butt rests, reels (loaded with min 15lb mainline), 42-inch landing nets, fully padded unhooking mats, carp cradles & weigh slings, plus standard carp seats, umbrellas, bait buckets, digital scales and water-carriers.  

The cost of hiring one each of ALL the above is 150 euros per week, but we are happy to talk with you about your requirements and individual costs if you want less – or more - than the whole hire package. 

Please indicate on the booking form if you wish to hire any equipment.

Note: We do not provide alarms, swingers or end tackle, but the bait-cabin does stock a variety of hooks, rigs, weights, lead, floats and other items for sale.


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