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Red Squirrel

Moulin Wildlife

There’s lots of wildlife to spot and enjoy as you stroll around the 15 acres of Moulin grounds, fields or woods, from fabulous birds to red squirrels, roe deer and green lizards, plus over 30 different species of butterflies.

The list of wild birds here seems to be added to every year by knowledgeable guests, but special sights include watching a pair of buzzards who live in our wood, wheeling high above you on a hot day or the kingfishers plunging into the lake for food from the weeping willow branches.

Other birds include herons, three different woodpeckers including the beautiful green woodpecker, and among summer visitors, golden orioles, spotted flycatchers and of course the dozens of swallows, swifts and house-martins who swoop on the lake in a spectacular fast-flying diving show early on most summer evenings before owls and bats arrive at nightfall.

Red squirrels, an unusual treat, are native here – there are no aggressive greys – and love the nearby hazelnut and walnut trees. There are often roe deer in the wood, where we have also seen wild boar and pine martens.

Near the lake or millpond you are likely to see fluorescent green lizards, huge green and gold frogs who make the loudest chorus noise in early summer, as well as fabulous coloured dragonflies or couleuvre snakes (harmless) which often swim across the lake. 

There is a large range of summer wild flowers, and butterflies here – some very rare in the UK - including the Swallowtail, Purple Emperor, Long-tailed Blue, Silver-Washed Fritillery and Large Tortoiseshell, plus the day-flying Hummingbird Hawk Moth.

Relax quietly and enjoy it all.

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